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Tuesday, November 09, 2004



Meanwhile, while we continue to be good little boys, our ecosystem is collapsing before our eyes. Thousands of species of life are going extinct. Even species not extinct become essentially terminal when their gene pool gets small enough because they then permanently lack the genetic diversity to withstand varying perils over time. Our whole planet is dying. That’s a LITTLE more important than your PERSONAL preference for nice etiquette. The public does NOT see for itself that the other side is awful and in politics a picture is not worth a thousand words. In politics you have to put a loud, hollering caption under the picture or too many just don’t get it. If you can’t get angry now there’s something seriously wrong with you. Those who prefer “respectability” and can’t roar with rage are truly clinically suspect. We need to bury respectability before it buries us. If you can’t fight, step aside so that those who can are able to get to the front lines. This even includes Al Gore if he is going to wax excessively philosophical about the inner outer upper under root causes of greed and selfishness in society instead of having the courage to rail against them with a roar like a Jeremiah. The other side is truly evil. The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in their root causes but in their selves. There is a storm coming. Those who will not fight must step aside.

I am also, nevertheless, reminded of an astute observation of Ralf Dahrendorf in “Society And Democracy In Germany,” indeed about the causes of Naziism in Germany. He observed that Germany, being backward and parochial for so long, acquired its industrial revolution later than many other industrial countries. The industrial processes and technologies were in many cases slowly tinkered with and perfected elsewhere, and then suddenly imported into Germany already refined. The result was that Germany got its industrial transformation late but then very quickly. Consequently, all the social problems that came with industrialization hit Germany so fast that liberal forces were overwhelmed with a plethora of issues they couldn’t keep up with and thus liberalism in Germany failed. Naziism took over.

There may be a touch of this now in America because technological advance (e.g., the information age) may have created so many new issues that it is hard to articulate them all in our sound byte world. We are in danger of losing the war of words if we do not engage in some triage and pick our issues carefully with very visionary, long-term strategy.

That said, we can not only choose issues that have become hackneyed and milquetoastish like increasing the minimum wage a dollar. We also need to articulate issues with more righteous hysteria. For instance, when the GOP talks eagerly about the sales tax as a replacement for the income tax, instead of speaking of this in dreary terms of some Commerce Department study that said such a scheme would be too expensive or whatever, we need to really “demagogue” it (a figure of speech here, pardon) and aim for the jugular. How dare the GOP propose a million new taxes!!!! A sales tax means a tax on potatoes, margarine, soda pop, milk and bread, broccoli and mayonnaise and corn on the cob! Toothpaste, cars, clothing and appliances! Housewares, glassware, consumer electronics! A meat tax! A spaghetti tax! Stationery tax! Furniture tax! Every other KIND of tax! Tax, tax, tax and MORE tax! A million taxes! And NOT to mention a tea tax! The very same tax King George imposed on us that started the American Revolution!!!! Tax, tax, tax! This is the unkindest cut of all! This is the GOP STAB IN THE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT’S how you beat the GOP. Forget the Commerce Department study. We’re not clerks anymore. We LOST that job. Now we’re on the outside. Now we’re fighters. And if you are not speaking those words with a SCREAM and a HOLLER, really inflaming and ranting and raving your head off the way the GOP does, BESIDE yourself with hysterical trembling anger and fire in your belly, then you just don’t know what an opposition is.

Or take the issue of privatizing Social Security. Always the endless debate about the details of this idea, the endless references to some obscure, dreary Commerce Department study or other proving it’s a bad idea. I call that Commerce Department-itis. Forget all that crap. Just call a fish a fish for once! Privatizing Social Security means abolishing Social Security! Let them try to deny it. If they can lie about us, we can tell the truth about them. Forget the petty details of their proposal that are supposed to round off the rough edges of privatization. The bottom line is that we ALREADY HAD private Social Security before there WAS social security. It was simple. If you were rich, you could provide for your retirement security. Otherwise, you could just rot. THAT’S privatizing Social Security.

Why is all this so confusing and complicated to Democrats? Why all the dreary references to studies and reports? If we cannot learn to speak clearly like an opposition, instead of like government clerks, then we will perish, and the world and its ecosystem will perish along with us.

Does it really matter if we are “good little boys” when the GOP will just lie anyway and say we’re not? We might as well get our money’s worth and make a fight of it.

And we need to start calling the Republicans “fascists.” And not just on the internet. Over and over and over and over until it sticks. And then more after that. Morning, noon and night. “Fascist” needs to go with Republican like white on rice. Not just in blogs on the internet but we need to demand of our Democratic leaders that they too begin speaking this way. Specifically. We need to demand that Democratic officials and politicians all start using the “F” word: FASCIST. Make them say it. Show them how to spell it. Help them sound it out. Words matter. Words have resonance. Words convey whole universes of meaning. Just look at how insistence on a single word — “Ms” — did so much to change the sexual culture and especially the culture on the job where today someone can get sued for sexual harassment. It was not always so. Words are powerful. They can also be incendiary. Time to start a little combustion.

And we also need to know what “fascist” really means. Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s greatest contribution was that she used the term “vast right wing conspiracy.” I am not sure she realized the full meaning of that term. I am quite certain that she and all the other Democrats on Capitol Hill do not understand its full scope.

To begin with, there is a government document that is ACTUAL DOCUMENTARY PROOF of the vast right wing conspiracy. It is called the Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report. It has been called “Allen Dulles’ Mein Kampf.” In it, in terminology dripping with bureaucratic euphemism and yet blatant nevertheless, CIA Director Allen Dulles came right out and explained exactly how he was going to turn the CIA into a vast labyrinth infiltrating every branch of government and society. The place to read extensively about this classified document is in “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World” by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty. If you’re wondering how the media and the oil industry and the Supreme Court and the pollsters and on and on could all be lying and conspiring for the right wing with such extraordinary coordination, and so robotically, you need to read that book. It’s not just the GOP. It’s the CIA. Prouty’s book is THE source for understanding the vast right wing conspiracy. If you can’t get a copy you should be able to find it online here (contents and links to all chapters, appendices and index):

(Keep trying if the “server’s down.”)

Download all of it, the whole book, save it to your hard drive, put it on your backup disks. Everybody needs to read that book. Twice. And share it with your friends.

Here is what it’s all about. President Truman, under pressure from the Republicans, created the CIA as an information clearing house, not a dirty tricks outfit. Republican Dewey ran against Truman with lifelong intelligence man Allen Dulles actually handling Dewey’s New York campaign. (One of endless examples over the years of intelligence personnel working in Republican campaigns. Another was lifelong intelligence man William Casey who was Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign manager. One of Oliver North’s senate campaign workers actually boasted that CIA personnel were coming down from CIA headquarters to help with his campaign.) With demands to improve and beef up the CIA Truman, in a bipartisan gesture, appointed Dulles (and William H. Jackson and Mathias F. Correa) to study ways to improve the CIA.

This also gave Truman a chance to observe Dulles, although this was before Dulles was well-known or a CIA director and before anyone knew of his extensive ties to Nazis, his aid to Italy’s Mussolini (whose Fascist movement was, in fact, the original source of the term “fascist”) and the fact that his brother John Foster Dulles was a director of the Nazi company I.G. Farben — which became the quintessential vehicle of the German military-industrial-intelligence complex, infiltrating corporations all over the world and gaining control over them so that industrial processes and chemicals useful for munitions and war equipment would come under German control.

I.G. Farben became a kind of German spy agency spreading its tentacles, infiltration and dirty tricks all over the world (as well as employing Jewish slave labor at the Auschwitz extermination camp). The control was so secretive and convoluted that if you followed the ownership of some American company it was controlled by another company overseas, which in turn was controlled by a company in yet another country and then one in the U.S. and then back overseas before getting back to I.G. Farben.

Here are just some of the “innocent” brand name companies located in the United States that have had financial relations, patent agreements (basically giving Farben control) and other direct or indirect alliances with I.G. Farben:

Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)
Atlantic Refining Company (oil)
Bell and Howell Company
Borden Company
Bristol Myers Company
Carnation Company
Ciba Company
Dow Chemical Company
E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company (duPont)
Eastman Kodak Company
Firestone Rubber Company
Fleischmann Company
Ford Motor Company
Geigy Company
General Electric Company
General Motors Company
General Tire and Rubber Company
Glidden Company
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Gulf Oil Corporation of Pennsylvania
Gulf Refining Company
Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.
M. W. Kellogg Company
Lever Brothers
Life Savers, Inc.
Louis K. Liggett Company
Mead Johnson & Company
Monsanto Chemical Company
National Distillers Corporation
Nestles Milk Products Company
Park Davis & Company
Phillips Petroleum Company
Proctor and Gamble Company
Remington Arms Company, Inc.
Richfield Oil Company of California
Shell Chemical Company
Shell Development Corporation
Shell Union Oil Company
E. R. Squibb & Sons
Standard Oil of California
Standard Oil of Indiana
Standard Oil of Louisiana
Standard Oil of New Jersey
Standard Oil of New York
Standard Oil of Ohio
Standard Oil of Texas
Texaco Development Corporation
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation

(List source: “Treason’s Peace” by Howard Watson Ambruster.)

In many cases these companies and countless others produced products or materials that seemed innocuous but could also be used for war purposes. For instance, Farben moved to get world control over the manufacture of artificial textile dyes because by a quirk of chemistry such chemical manufacturing processes could quickly be converted to produce the military explosive TNT. Controlling such production gave the Germans an incalculable head start when war would break out in two world wars. Farben’s objective was the triumph of the blood line of the German beast. Its aims were military and NOT anything so petty as corporate greed. (H0w fitting, by the way, that the Republicans ran an ad against Kerry full of advancing wolves, because Hitler envisioned himself and his people as a lone wolf. He also named his big eastern compound “Wolfschanz” — “Wolf’s Lair.”)

Note that much of the incestuous relationship between American companies and the right wing German military-industrial-intelligence complex has never been undone.

And Allen Dulles’ brother John Foster Dulles was a director of I.G. Farben. It is not surprising then that Allen Dulles sought to turn the CIA into the very same kind of tentacled conspiracy monster with its moles and fingers into every nook and cranny of American life, the news media and branches of the U.S. government that are supposed to have nothing to do with the CIA. The right wing media are not just united by a vague common interest of corporate greed. They are directly coordinated by the CIA.

Consider that in 1977 Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein disclosed that over 400 American journalists had been employed by the CIA. And that’s just what was known at that time, the infiltration tip of the iceberg. The CIA personnel in the news media ranged from freelancers who were paid for regular debriefings to actual CIA officers working under deep cover — inside the American news media. Nearly every major U.S. news organization has had intelligence spooks on its payroll. It’s so easy to extend the CIA infiltration of the news media in an unlimited way because the news media itself unwittingly supplies the money that pays these CIA operatives’ salaries.

Consider Rupert Murdoch and his empire of Fox News and the New York Post. Murdoch’s empire has obtained many of its personnel and talking heads from an ultra-right wing think tank called the Manhattan Institute. The New York Times some years ago did a report on the Manhattan Institute and, no secret about it, the Manhattan Institute was proudly founded by CIA director William J. Casey.

Consider the infamous ultra-right wing GOP shill organization, the Washington Times. It is well known that the Washington Times is owned by the “Moonies” — the Unification Church of the Korean Reverend Sun Myung Moon. What you may not know is that the Unification Church is actually not a real church but a front group for the South Korean and Japanese spy agencies acting as proxies for the CIA. Again, that trans-oceanic laundering. This according to the massively documented “The Secret War Against The Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People,” by John Loftus and Mark Aarons. See chapter 13 and the chapter notes, especially the lengthy note 75 on page 578.

According to the authors, Reverend Moon was a front man for the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), run by the South Korean CIA and European and Japanese fascists acting as allies for Allen Dulles and the U.S. CIA and headed throughout the ‘80s by American General John Singlaub, who had been for years a CIA specialist in terrorism, subversion, guerilla warfare and psy-ops (psychological warfare operations). The authors also show extensively how Japanese intelligence was aided and built up by the American CIA. According to the authors, the Moonies have also spent $100 million buying up South American newspapers, printing companies and banks. They also funneled $800 million into the United States, with disciples carrying a considerable amount of it in luggage. They didn’t get this money selling flowers in airports. But according to the authors, while the money came from the Japanese government, the distribution was overseen by Allen Dulles’ cronies in the CIA.

You need to put “The Secret War Against The Jews” on your reading list. Don’t be fooled by the title. The book is not for Jews only. It is a who’s who of famous Republicans and their CIA and Nazi ties, among them Nixon, Rockefeller, the Dulles brothers and especially — the Bush family. The Bush family are pure creatures of the CIA. The book also details how the GOP and the Republican National Committee packed Republican organizations and activities with Nazis and recruited Nazis for activities in Republican election campaigns. The book is a very scholarly work, 670 pages with over a hundred pages of footnotes and based on thousands of declassified documents and Freedom Of Information Act disclosures plus interviews with hundreds of intelligence personnel. Author Loftus was a Justice Department Nazi hunter and has appeared repeatedly on “60 Minutes.” The book also tells extensively about how the CIA has backed terrorists for ages, paid them, aided them in an incestuous relationship. Terrorism is real good for the CIA. Helps them further an endless list of filthy objectives. And helps them snooker more money and police state power out of Congress. And get Republicans elected. According to the book, top personnel in the Palestine Liberation Organization got CIA training in Virginia, just one of endless examples the book gives of the intelligence community aiding terrorists at every turn.

We must return to Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty’s “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.” If you have seen the Oliver Stone film “JFK” you may recall a “Mr. X,” played by Donald Sutherland, a mysterious official who said he was not with the CIA but knew a great deal about the CIA and knew the CIA had killed President Kennedy. Mr. X was not a fictional character. He was Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty and eventually Stone held a press conference in which he introduced Prouty to the world.

Prouty was not with the CIA. Rather he was with the Pentagon. He was the chief “focal point officer” — the key officer in the Pentagon to whom the CIA would come when they needed Pentagon help for a big CIA operation. This gave Prouty a unique vantage point from which to observe the CIA’s biggest operations. And yet he never had to sign the CIA oath of secrecy. Far beyond what other authors have written about the CIA more vaguely, Prouty’s book gives the exact NSAM’s — the exact Presidential National Security Action Memoranda that the CIA bamboozled one president after another into issuing that ultimately gave the CIA the vast power it now holds. It was a bit like Corporal Radar O’Reilly in the TV series “M*A*S*H,” constantly shoving paperwork in front of the commander for him to sign, which he rarely fully understood or read. In the case of the CIA some “crisis” would be manufactured to convince the president that he had to give the CIA more power.

Prouty’s book explodes countless myths and misunderstandings about the CIA. In recent years we have heard objections to Bush policies by some in the CIA. It is critical to understand that most of these people are either very low level spies or more often members of the analytical side of the CIA. According to Prouty the analysts are not the real CIA. They don’t do their job very well and most really sharp people in academia would get better jobs in the private sector. Prouty says the analysts are just a front and that the real CIA is the Operations Directorate — the department of the CIA concerned with dirty tricks, sabotage, intrigue, black bag operations, stolen elections, assassinations and what Prouty bluntly calls “fun and games.” In the case of American election stealing the CIA merely took its overseas — talents — and directed them toward American elections. No other organization on Earth has the skills, apparatus and money to steal elections the way the CIA does.

It should also be noted that the CIA director wears two hats. On one hand he is head of the CIA proper. On the other hand he officially overseas over a dozen other intelligence agencies that are coordinated through his office, including the high-tech National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office with its spy satellites. Thus, even though the huge National Security Agency with its infamous Echelon surveillance system has a larger budget, it is really a de facto subsidiary of the “smaller” CIA which has the real control.

The CIA’s main forte is ostensibly human intelligence or “humint” — human spies and covert operators. The National Security Agency’s main forte is ostensibly signals intelligence or “sigint” — the high-tech and electronic intelligence — although in fact there is tremendous overlap in these two functions between the CIA and NSA. In the case of the NSA’s sigint we refer to its vast array of electronic eavesdropping, satellite surveillance, Echelon system snatching of signals off private telecommunications satellites and ground-based telephone microwave relay stations to eavesdrop on nearly every telephone call in the world simultaneously. The NSA has vast, mind-boggling storage capabilities including twelve underground acres of supercomputers at its headquarters in Fort George Meade, MD. The NSA stores recordings of all the world’s phone conversations, including pay phones, for at least three months. Search engines and ultra-sophisticated voiceprint identification and verbal recognition enable them to access every call made by anyone and everyone, including Democratic activists, Congressmen and Senators. It is well-known that the entire Congress is under surveillance without their permission.

Because the NSA is coordinated through the office of the CIA director, this vast eavesdropping power is really in the hands of the CIA. People assume that the high-tech sigint trumps humint and that therefore the NSA is more “important” than the CIA. Besides, the NSA has a larger budget than the CIA proper. In fact, if the CIA ever has a problem getting anything they want from the NSA, they can just prepare fake documentation, background, and resumes and have someone infiltrate the NSA by applying for positions there. All the high-tech in the world does not prevent the CIA from totally compromising, infiltrating and penetrating the NSA just by walking right through the front door.

Prouty tells how the Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report functioned. The report was dated January 1, 1949, finished after Truman had already won the election. Dulles had expected that Truman would lose and that then he would become CIA director, whereupon he would implement the proposals in the report. Instead, Dulles had to wait four years till Eisenhower became president, to become CIA director. Then the proposals in the report were implemented.

According to Prouty the Dulles report proposed that the CIA would infiltrate the entire United States government. This was framed very politely, that department after government department would accept CIA personnel to deal with matters of interest to the CIA. This even included the Pentagon itself and as a result many personnel in the military, even with very high rank, are really CIA and the Pentagon doesn’t even know it in many cases. As a Pentagon man Prouty expressed his outrage over this. It is Prouty, in his book, who called the Dulles report “Allen Dulles’s Mein Kampf” and even “The CIA’s Mein Kampf.”

Prouty illustrates how this infiltration worked with the case of the U.S. Customs Department. The CIA was always sneaking people and material in and out of the country, which gave U.S. Customs a lot of extra and unwanted work to do. Thus the CIA offered to have its own personnel handle this unwanted extra work. Naturally the CIA said these CIA personnel must have their identities concealed. So the CIA personnel went through Customs Department training, were given Customs uniforms and identification and only a tiny number of people in Customs knew who they really were. They were even paid by Customs, with CIA reimbursing Customs. However, over time, with changes in personnel at Customs, the true identities of the CIA personnel and the fact of the infiltration were forgotten and the CIA stopped reimbursing Customs. The CIA infiltration of U.S. Customs became permanent. This sort of thing happened all over the government.

A quote from Machiavelli’s “The Prince” immediately comes to mind. At the beginning of Chapter 21 he writes, “Ferdinand...King of Spain...At the very beginning of his reign he assailed Granada and...kept the minds of the barons of Castile occupied in this enterprise, so that thinking only of that war they did not think of making innovations, and he thus acquired reputation and power over them without their being aware of it.” This is exactly what the CIA did not just to U.S. Customs but to the whole government and the whole country and society during the Cold War.

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