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Tuesday, November 09, 2004



In many cases the infiltration made use of the assistance other departments provided in the CIA’s formation. For instance, the FBI provided personnel and agents to the CIA to help the CIA meet its initial staff needs. Eventually most of those personnel filtered back to their original FBI work. However, unbeknownst to the FBI, they retained loyalty to the CIA and kept answering back to the CIA, which maintained control over them. The same thing happened with Pentagon personnel assigned to the fledgling CIA. For this reason, like Prouty, some Pentagon people will, in the future, be potential allies in the fight against the CIA, this evil intelligence brain that seeks to dominate and destroy our country.

Prouty also explains how the CIA acquired vast resources from the rest of the government. Earlier, under President Roosevelt, a well-intentioned law had been passed that stipulated that any surplus items not needed by any department should be made available to other departments before being offered for auction to the public as surplus. A nice money-saving idea. After the CIA arrived on the scene they arranged to have their “friends” in departments all over the government label material and equipment as surplus and then make it available to the CIA for pennies on the dollar or for free.

If, for instance, the Forestry service had trucks the CIA wanted, they would be relabeled as surplus and turned over to the CIA. Or the CIA would arrange with its contacts in a department to purchase something it needed, and then, when it was discovered that the department did not need the item, it would be hastily labeled surplus to avoid an embarrassment and handed over to the CIA. In this way a vast, incalculable cornucopia of wealth has been handed over to the CIA, giving it the most mind boggling resources and power.

From the government, to news organizations to banks to fake religious groups the CIA infiltration is throughout the government and extends deeply into the private sector and through an endless series of surrogates, including the FBI itself. While warning that there is a communist or terrorist under every rock it is the CIA that strives to be there. While screaming “commie!” and “terrorist!” it is the CIA that has achieved penetration and surveillance of our entire society. It rigs everybody else’s elections and increasingly our own. The CIA also invites police officers from local police departments to come to its Virginia headquarters where the CIA gives them a kind of show and tell, demonstrating various surveillance technology toys and recruiting the police into moonlighting for the CIA. The entire surveillance machinery as well as private society has been totally penetrated and compromised by the CIA.

It should be noted that according to the National Law Journal there are at least 16,000 government informers in the United States, snoops and rats in every corner and economic class of society. The Journal says they are poorly supervised and many have been caught in criminal conduct and will thus make up anything about anyone in order to save their own necks, stay out of jail and keep their handlers happy. It’s an endless witch hunt. The 16,000 figure is just what is currently verifiable, the real number is probably far higher. Many answer to local police. But because so many police have been compromised by the CIA, the reports these rats give their police officer handlers are also going back to the CIA — and the rats themselves don’t even know it. Your friend, your relative, your lover, your coworker, your subordinate, your boss and certainly your fellow political activist or fellow Congressional staffer may secretly be working for the CIA.

And with all due respect to Ralph Nader, even if every corporate evil he rightly rails against were eliminated that would still not save our democracy, because that’s not our greatest problem. Even the oil industry is not the ultimate problem. The CIA for decades has used an endless array of industries, including especially the oil industry, as surrogates and fronts (“proprietaries”) to further its aims, and the CIA is the one calling the shots. CIA agents roam the Middle East carrying oil company stationery and identification, with the agreement of the oil companies, who are paid by the CIA for their assistance. The CIA pays them with all sorts of favors including protecting their oil interests with coups. The CIA pays. He who pays, calls the plays.

Consider the Bush family oil company, Zapata Oil Company. In fact, it is well recognized that Zapata was a CIA front. There is much evidence of this as various authors have reported. Additionally, two of the ships in the CIA’s failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba were named after the Bush family and its oil company. One ship was called the “Zapata” and another of the invasion ships was called the “Barbara J” after Barbara J. Bush, George W.’s mother. In short, it’s not the corporations. It’s the CIA, stupid.

It is no surprise that Truman eventually became a critic of the CIA he founded. As Prouty recounts, one month after the Kennedy assassination Truman wrote in a December 21, 1963 column in the Washington Post,

“For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government…I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak-and-dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment that I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue and a subject for cold war enemy propaganda.”

I should mention one important silver lining in recent events. We now know that not only Gore but Kerry really won the election. All the effort by so many hard-working and creative people from volunteers to film makers to independent ad makers to song writers and on and on to make that happen was not totally in vain. It forced the conspirators to have to come out of the closet and rig the election openly, which they would not have had to do if Kerry had run a truly failed campaign. Exposing the conspiracy and bringing it out into the open is one small benefit of all that effort. Therefore, even if you fear that the next Democratic presidential nominee will again see the election stolen, you must still fight for him. The world is watching.

It should be mentioned here that conspiracy is not a historical aberration. It is a completely ingrained part of historical events. Again we must refer to Niccolo Machiavelli, the Italian Renaissance political mastermind whose book on statecraft, “The Prince,” has been read and followed by world leaders good and bad for centuries. In that book he devoted a key chapter entirely to conspiracy. In chapter 19, a chapter of just ten pages, forms of the word “conspiracy” appear at least 17 times and conspiracies, including many historical examples, are referred to at least 66 times. This is the world we live in — the real world. If we do not now take back America from the vast right wing conspiracy, if we do not expose and strip bare before the public’s eyes this monster, which now threatens to plunge the globe into ecological doom for selfish ends, then we will leave our grandchildren without a world.

We are speaking here about tactics. How to conduct a good political street brawl. The fascists need to be fought in every way we can. They need to be fought with big and incessant marches in the streets (it’s a First Amendment right so stop complaining that that is too “angry”) against the fascist news media, the fascist electronic vote companies and the fascist polling firms. Call those three the “The Fascist Axis Of Evil.” Plus aggressive lawsuits and Freedom of Information Act pressure.

And we need to push away from electronic voting that is just a one-armed bandit Las Vegas slot machine. We need to turn to mechanical voting systems that are “old fashioned” but much harder to rig. We need marches in the streets to stop more states from going to electrical voting and push back geographically with agitation in the streets, state by state until every electrical voting system is rooted out. We need something hard, simple, mechanical and physical to count, not a bunch of ephemeral electrons zipping around to get “lost.” This is man vs. machine. I should mention here that the NSA is secretly working on computers that can achieve one SEPTILLION operations per second or one with twenty-four zeroes, and may already have gotten there. That’s almost a trillion times faster than today’s fastest supercomputers, which are still in the low teraflops range (trillions of operations per second). (This charge has been made by the highly regarded James Bamford, author of the expose on the NSA, “The Puzzle Palace.” His allegations on the NSA’s work on septillion operations per second are in his more recent book,“Body Of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency From the Cold War Through the Dawn of a New Century,” published in 2001.) This means that there is no encryption in existence that can protect any electronic voting computer from NSA hacking. Conclusion: We can not tolerate ANY electrical voting system, PERIOD.

And we need to march over and over and over against the news media because who controls the truth controls the future. It’s not enough just to have a liberal radio network when the Japanese government and other CIA proxies are funneling literally billions into think tanks, news media and other public brainwashing. We need to take it to the streets outside news organizations. Cut the crap about anger being bad. Lawful, non-violent but furious chanting rage expressed in public marches and gatherings is protected by freedom of assembly and is a First Amendment right.

I will go even further. The CIA arose amidst the hysteria of anti-communism. Communism was very bad. I am fond of the way Winston Churchill put it. He said, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal distribution of blessings. The inherent ‘virtue’ of socialism is the equal distribution of miseries.” But anti-communism also deranged America with the hysteria of McCarthyism. In the words of Cicero, “In time of war the law falls silent.”

To respond to this we need to push back. I would almost compare the needed response to the way one responds to a burn. If one burns his finger, plunging the finger into the exact opposite — ice water — will reverse the process and often prevent a blister. One extreme counters the other.

It would be a gross abuse of terminology to call the needed response “reverse McCarthyism” because McCarthyism involved persecuting a lot of innocent people. But we must root out the fascists in our midst, one extreme countering the other, in order to get back to the middle. All those who aid the fascist cause in this country must be rooted out. If they are condoning fascism and supporting it, if they are eagerly excusing the annihilation of democracy perpetrated by the GOP and its allies, we must fire them, we must not hire them, or do business with them or buy from them or sell to them or assist them or have anything to do with them or anyone who wants to defend them. This is what it will take to reverse the right wing disease that for decades has been devouring our democracy. And I am really not kidding. We must further make it a public shame and embarrassment to be a right-winger and with such an outcry and hysteria that people will literally tremble in fear of being so called. Everyone who is acquiescing to the demise of democracy with a smile, and going along with the “New Republican Order,” is a menace to you and to me, to your family and to the whole world. They must be rooted out just as these monsters did to the liberal movement. There must be zero tolerance in our society for fascism.

At first these efforts will be quiet and uncertain but they will grow and gain steam as it gradually becomes clear that they are having an increasing effect. The first who stand up to root out the right-wingers in our midst will stick out their necks the most and make the greatest sacrifice and it will not be easy at first. But let us begin. Don’t forget, over half the country voted for Kerry despite the lies. And Gore really won in 2000. The other side doesn’t want to admit it but we are actually the majority and we can boycott them better than they can boycott us. The tide will turn. Start firing right-wingers. Start boycotting their stores, their products. Where possible single out a single target for a boycott, as a visible example, so as not to scatter resources and efforts, such as a single newspaper, one that is prominent but where you know they could be damaged by our actions.

We already saw that our pressure had some modest effect on Sinclair Broadcasting, even though the time was so short, that they backed off a little though not much, and it was mostly for show. Still, our actions and outcry caused some hasty modulation on their part and also helped cause their stock to drop. Accept no deals and persevere no matter what. We will prevail.

In short, if you think you’re going to be a good little goat herder smiling for fascism and Deutschland, you are a threat to everything this country stands for, you are a traitor and you need to get a hurt put on you real bad. On November 2nd 2004 the voting machines were replaced with video games and democracy itself was stolen. Woe to any people that accepts this with a whimper. And people marched in the streets by the millions for democracy against the Soviets in Czechoslovakia. We want the same ferocity now for America. Let the world see us marching against vote fraud here in the United States. The whole world is watching!

Still, from here we need to recognize that the ferocity of our attacks and even a massive effort to expose the vast right wing conspiracy for the fascists they are — the tone of our confrontation with the other side — technically still falls under the heading of “tactics.”

Generally, in military terms, tactics are small-scale actions or actions on an individual or almost individual level while strategy concerns actions on a much more grand or long-term scale. Or as Karl von Clausewitz wrote in “On War,” “Tactics teaches the use of armed forces in the engagement; strategy, the use of engagements for the object of the war.”

So now we need to talk about strategy. Strategy in our case involves how, more broadly, we pull together a more viable overall coalition of voters, a new, larger Democratic base that can win elections with much greater success and dominance. How we take battleground states off the table and make them solidly Democratic so that in an election year resources will not have to be lavished to win them.

This is important even if elections continue to be stolen by the GOP. We need a vast and well-financed polling organization of super-high quality and credibility so that it will be clear to the country — and the world — how much support we really have even if the voting machines and the vote gets rigged again. More scientific polls with higher standards. Larger voter samples, say, 2000 voters polled instead of the usual 1000. Expensive yes, but immediately trumps other polls. Other polling firms will be reluctant to switch to more expensive 2000 voter samplings because of GREED. Never again must we allow the GOP and its pollster alies to say they were ahead or tied when they weren’t. With such a polling apparatus, seeking high visibility not just during election years but every year and all the time, we will be able to deny the GOP legitimacy if they steal another election. A new, prestigious, superior polling operation EXPOSES a stolen election as fraud. This is why all the polls were being fudged and fiddled with and slanted during the campaign — to prevent questions from being asked on election night when the race was stolen.

So having a larger, more viable base and coalition is important and not futile even if the GOP keeps stealing elections. Because establishing a clearly larger base and coalition denies the Republican vote rustlers LEGITIMACY. Building up that larger base and coalition is all about DELEGITIMIZING Republican stolen power.

And now I am going to tell you something you don’t want to hear. That’s okay. It’s good practice for what you need to do to the Republicans. Here’s what you don’t want to hear. The Democratic Party is suffering in part because it is only half a man. A man, a person, is composed of a body and a soul. In general, Democrats do more for people’s bodies. And Republicans do more for people’s souls. Democrats fight for cleaner air and water, safer food, safety on the job. Help for the injured, the sick. Less war. Better healthcare. That’s all about helping the body. And although frequently the GOP doesn’t know much about the soul, they offer more in that regard. They worry about human life in the womb, they promote a society that does not set a permissive public example about alternative sexuality. They do not want children to be exposed to such an example because it may confuse them about traditional family values.

And let’s face it. The heterosexual relationship predates humanity itself. Even animals have traditional heterosexual relationships. There’s a duck pond near my home. If you throw bread at a male-female pair of ducks, the male will always stand aside and let the female grab the bread. Always. I have to literally lunge with all my strength and throw the bread fast straight at the male to get him to eat it and usually he just moves away and lets the female take it. Very charming. And ducks didn’t acquire this old fashioned chivalrous behavior by reading the New Testament. No doubt, many species of life acquired their compassionate nature in part from the need to give to a heterosexual mate that was mandated by the procreative requirement of the species. A compassionate society really does derive its compassion in part from its heterosexuality. I am not saying that is the only way to get compassion. Compare this to most fish, which do not have a long relationship between the male and the female. When was the last time you saw a compassionate fish?

In the eyes of many Americans this — the fundamental goodness of society — is what is being attacked when Democrats defend gay rights or even civil unions, and to them it is not a simple matter of reasonable tolerance but a measure, however modest, of public endorsement for a lifestyle they do not want their children to embrace. It is the public example or public endorsement, not the individual right, that scares many Republicans and many families too. To them it is not just somebody’s private business but everybody’s business if it sets a public example they do not want their children exposed to. These Americans will also not listen to the assertion that homosexuality is hereditary. There are many examples of gays who grew up with abusive or absent parental role models of a particular gender.

The perfect example is, in fact, Geroge W. Bush. There is much evidence that he is a latent (or not so latent) homosexual. Kitty Kelly claimed that he has an ongoing suspicious liaison with another man. He has frequently told men in public that they look “pretty.” (His constant, documented use of the word “fabulous” proves less but has also been noted.) And everybody knows he was a cheerleader in college. His obsession with staged and practiced swagger, cowboy boots and fake tough-Texan accent is all evidence of a man with a grinding insecurity about his own sexuality. Some would say that insecurity is also expressed in his foreign policy…

And it is no coincidence that George W. Bush’s mother is in private a dominating “ball-buster” monster. She refused to attend her own mother’s funeral. On the day her five-year old daughter Robin died of leukemia she spent the afternoon on the golf course. On “Good Morning America” she dismissed the escalating American body count in Iraq by saying, “Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many? It’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?” In fact, George Sr. spent much of his time away from Barbara’s icy demeanor (an absent father), leaving young George W. to cower under the chilling dominance of his cruel mother, whom younger brother Jeb once dubbed “the Enforcer.” Neil Bush said she was devoted to corporal punishment and she was known in the family as “the one who instills fear.” Even Richard Nixon said of Barbara Bush, “There’s a woman who knows how to hate.” She is also alleged to have said to George W.,

“I don’t give a good goddamn if you want to be a cheerleader. Your father and I have decided you are going to play sports, like all the other little boys, mister sissy britches. Now get your hands off of your damned hips, you little pansy, and fetch me a scotch on the rocks!”

The Democratic Party never used to formally embrace homosexuality. The Democratic Party will always be more tolerant regardless. But if it had not formally embraced aspects of gay rights such as civil unions, we could have effectively branded Bush as a pervert little “girly man” and lots of rednecks would have gone off the deep end over it and deserted Bush. I will not unilaterally disarm. Let me give you a little “viper tongue” here — let me “Ann Coulter” it for you: Fact is, Bush is gay because his dad was often AWOL from fatherhood and his mother is a ball-buster. Yeah, you heard it here first. And we need our own talking heads and nonviolent “independent” street protesters hollering this whether the official Democratic Party will or not. Who cares whether it’s relevant from a policy wonk standpoint?

I am so pissed off at the way Bush used sexuality to play with everybody’s heads. Somebody should start a website called “Faggot Bush” right now. Amass the evidence. Call him a pervert. Really give them a taste of their own medicine. Bush-trashing for rednecks. It would be hilarious. Like it or not if Kerry had not formally embraced civil unions we could have had rednecks calling Bush a “faggot.” It would have destroyed Bush’s claim to be a Christian. It would have tinged every other issue. Does Bush have a bad foreign policy? Rednecks would have been saying, “Yeah, that faggot Bush has a lousy foreign policy.” Does Bush have a lousy policy on jobs? Rednecks would have been saying, “Yeah, that faggot Bush is shipping our jobs overseas.” Did Bush fail to catch Osama? Rednecks would have been saying, “Yeah, that FAGGOT Bush never caught Osama.”

In a nation actually going fascist, the country simply is not ready for civil unions. Rather, we needed to level the playing field and we still do in Bush’s second term. Howard Dean did the Democratic Party a tremendous service in giving it back its fire. But his approach was too scattershot. He went around making speeches introduced by a woman who proudly said she had two mommies. And this forced Kerry to have to emphasize that he was in favor of civil unions (though not the more explicit right of gay marriage). It helped Kerry get the nomination but the GOP used this as a poison pill against him in November. Civil unions needs to be taken off the table right now. And no Democratic candidate for president in 2008 should be forced by the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” to embrace civil unions.

I know, I know. There are a million conflicting arguments and pieces of contrary evidence, a million yes-buts. The endless debate over nature vs. nurture will endure. And even when we speak of Republicans catering more to the soul than the Democrats, we find endless corruption and hypocrisy on spiritual matters in the hands of the Republicans, the gay issue being a perfect example.

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